Today we directed, produced and recorded our own very special film –  ”The Fairytales of  Hollymount National School’ . The Junior room experienced film-making  for the very first time. Everyone in the class room had a role to play. The cast included of snow-white, pigs, dwarfs and narrators. The children developed great film-making and teamwork skills. We even had a professional camera-man. A big thank you to our Teacher’s for all their help. We are very proud of our little actors. The most important aspect of it was ‘We had great fun’.  Hollywood next!!SAM_0108 SAM_0107 SAM_0106 SAM_0105 SAM_0104 SAM_0103 SAM_0102 SAM_0101 SAM_0100 SAM_0099 SAM_0098 SAM_0097 SAM_0096 SAM_0095 SAM_0094